Digging into the stimulus bill

I'll leave it to others to dig out all the pork in the proposed stimulus bill -- The Economist caught my eye by explaining exactly why one part of the bill is so misguided:
Rolling out super-fast broadband for all, like motherhood and apple pie, is something that all politicians will claim to support. But when it comes to creating jobs and stimulating economic activity, it isn’t the best use of government money.

Meanwhile, Dems offer some compromise on the bill, but it's clear John Kerry still doesn't get it:
Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said that he would be willing to “raise the total price tag” of the bill to include get the additional spending sought by the Republicans.

Hey, we got our pork, why shouldn't you guys get yours, too? What a great guy.

Edit: a bigger list of nonsense in the bill. I'm not sure how bad all of it is, but there's a lot of bad there.