To Anwer Your Question

Yes, Obama did sound like Bush yesterday.

Like any president from the past four decades, really, especially the two most recent decades. In reaching for overarching, unifying, national language, it's almost inescapable, I feel.

I caught the Daily Show spot last night, and I give Stewart and friends credit for having the chutzpah to make the uncomfortable suggestion of similarity on inauguration day:

One additional question: did you buy Obama's tough talk on terrorism? During the campaign, I felt Obama's brimstone rhetoric relating to terrorists was somewhat forced, calculated. What about yesterday? While he didn't really address Iraq directly at all, he proclaimed the unique, if oblique, "message to the Muslim world" - that was constructive.

But after extending a hand, the other hand showed up with a mallet. And proceeded with a rhetorical beat down of terrorists. Did you buy it? Or did it sound like hollow points-gaining talk coming from President Obama? If it seemed natural, did Obama gain some additional cred with regard to talking tough simply by assuming the role of president?