Tech-qualified lawyers - are you up to snuff?

In a tight job market, would you make the cut? 

Or...are the standards suggested actually useful for ferreting out Luddites?

To me, one of the important things overlooked in the discussion is triangulating the ability of an individual to adopt new technologies rapidly and proficiently once an office standard is made known.  Even if a candidate isn't familiar with a particular program or process, can he or she demonstrate widespread proficiency and experience with a variety of applications?  Can the person discuss creative adaptations or uses of technology to solve particular problems or achieve specific tasks in the past?

In my experience, I'm not proficient with some applications because I don't use them - like 'remember the milk' , for example (which comes up in the comments).  Still, I'm aware of the application and its uses.  I simply don't think it's worth using in my present situation - and I've adapted other technologies to address a number of the the functions of the program.