Our Comfy Contradictions

Jib captures the zeitgeist.

He homes in on three contradictions inherent in much of the American middle class public today - he simply looks at the life and language of "Joe Everyman."

While Joe's second "inconsistency" is a bit more distinguishable - Iraq and the War on Terror are not necessarily the same - myriad other little hypocrisies are out there.

I would highlight this one: 

Joe Everyman complains about jobs like his going overseas.  And Joe Everyman, or his spouse, shops regularly at Wal-Mart and other stores that stock largely foreign-made goods.  Goods produced by and large in China - where jobs like his are headed. 

Jib seems somewhat resignedly content to acknowledge these observations.  To what extent should we simply accept these contradictions?  Should we try to reconcile them?  Eliminate them?