On the Burris Senate Appointment

Hmmm...Mr. Burris declares himself a United States Senator.

- That's factually wrong.

Mr. Burris declares his appointment as "ordained" by the Lord.

- It seems highly politically unwise to infer Rod Blagojevich is a holy instrumentality.

Mr. Burris is threatening to sue if he is not seated.

- Ah, now here we have something worthwhile. If Majority Leader Harry Reid sticks to his guns - which he seems more and more reluctant to use - he will force a legal showdown with Burris if the Senate excludes the man. If Reid does not attempt to bar Burris from being seated, I'd argue my initial assessment of the situation - namely, that the Senate does not have the power to exclude a Blago appointment - was on point.

An observer over at Volokh cites a poll showing bloggers seem to think Burris should be seated, despite the stench of the whole affair.