A new leader in the Assembly?

I know that it is only two press releases, but Rep. Roger Roth (R-56) from the Appleton - Grand Chute area is providing some leadership when other Republicans are silent:

“I voted for AB-1 because having established goals for government to purchase products and services in Wisconsin is a good idea. At the end of the day though, none of the Bills that we passed today do anything to create or sustain jobs here in the State. It is my hope that we take up meaningful legislation to actually help struggling Wisconsin businesses in the weeks ahead.”

We can all agree that purchasing Wisconsin goods first is at least symbolically the right thing to do, but it is extremely refreshing to see someone in the legislature say that we need to get down to the tough job of actually helping the economy, not just making us feel good.

Roth also made a great point about creating on oversight committee for the federal stimulus money:

"We should not look to the federal funds as filler for our current deficit. The funds are to create new jobs and encourage development, we need to know this is how the funds are to be invested.”

Absolutely. Too many Democrats in the legislature - and Governor Doyle - see the federal money as a get out of jail free card for the budget. Roth doesn't say it in his press release, but the reason no one in leadership wants an oversight committee is that they don't want to make any tough choices and they want to use the money to plug the giant whole in our budget.

I hope that Roth continues this pattern, and I hope that others follow his lead.