Neumann for Governor?

This is very interesting. It seems to have been a foregone conclusion that Scott Walker was going to be the GOP nominee for governor for at least the last year, but this could make things very interesting.

Neumann was an excellent congressman and nearly defeated Russ Feingold for senate in 1998. He has all the conservative cred of the 1994 Republican Revolution and none of the baggage from the Bush era. The fact that he has been out of the public spotlight for almost 10 years would be an issue, but how bad would it really hurt him? After all, he has no responsibility for the current state of affairs, yet he was in congress the last time we went from a deficit to a surplus.

I know that this is a trial balloon and he faces an uphill climb against Scott Walker, but having two solid, intelligent conservatives battling for the gubernatorial nomination wouldn't be a bad thing for the party.