Movin' on up

I was pretty crushed when WSUM moved out of its State St HQ -- it was such a perfect location, especially with the window overlooking the street -- and its new location is the epitome of soulless corporatism that seems to be taking over the center of Madison. But Isthmus gives us a look inside their new studios, and it sounds pretty darn good:
Volunteer DJs at the controls in Studio A can look through a soundproof window into Studio B, a room built to host live performances.
My tour didn't end at Studio B. Further north along a hallway, we peeked in on two production studios. We looked at the sleek, if not yet fully assembled, office space for Black and student staff. We visited the music library and the newsroom.

It's a stunning facility that squashes the idea of student radio as a low-budget broadcast underdog.

Years ago, college radio was the stuff of dorm basements and a handful of dedicated student engineers. Now, UW-Madison is arguably the keeper of the most technically advanced radio studio in Dane County.

I don't listen to the Snake on the Lake as much as I used to, or as much as I probably should, but I really do hope they put that new Studio B to good use, and soon. With so much good music bubbling up in Madison, and so many more great bands swinging through town, the opportunity is certainly there.