I say, Madison's made the front of the Drudge Report

for "Draconian zoning ordinances" it appears.

Despite the article picking out the worst bits, overall the actual document is mostly typical environmental stuff like beehives, solar panels, and composting toilets. Besides, madison.com doesn't have any articles on this agenda from a meeting back in December.

If people are thinking about changing zoning, they should think about what was done in the past and why they need to change it now to avoid making problems that people will have to change again in the future. Basically, instead of only making things mentioned permissible, they should only stop certain generally bad things from happening. You'd figure a lot of people would want to save energy anyway and turn off their lights without being told.

It's a bad idea to try to stamp out cars in this city if you're only going to stamp out cars. I live a little more than a mile from the capitol and even here in the downtown there is not enough density to support walkable store fronts except in the small area between the university and the capitol. Something else needs to be changed or permitted, like mixed use or denser housing, or laxer zoning laws that don't chase developers away who would otherwise build mixed use density. (I recommend Jane Jacobs' books.)

Finally, I wonder how much of the recent environmentalism was due to just businesses following marketing trends. Moreover, now that economy's gotten tight, people don't have the extra money to buy the more expensive green stuff or worry about glaciers or the rain forest when there are more pressing problems closer to home. Besides, did you hear? We're on the cusp of another ice age.