Four Years of Letters in Bottles

The blog gets four candles on the cake today!

What an experience it has been thus far - the array of places, people, events, and arguments that springs to mind from across the years verges on incredible.  The blog itself has evolved - in composition, in location, in focus, and in tone.  It has, I think, woven its way into the lives of many people.

Steve S, alone out of the current crew, was present for the Genesis phase of LIB in the spring semester of 2005 at the University of Wisconsin until I joined in June of that year.  So, I'll let him reflect at greater length...let him dredge up memories of classic backdrops to the first posts - like the Rathskellar at Memorial Union and the coffee shops of State Street.

But looking back is only part of the occasion.  We're also looking forward today.

If you check the sidebar, you'll note that we've incorporated the Twitter account that we created in mid-December (for better or for worse).  The author of a "Tweet" is denoted by a backslash and initial - so, for example, you know I'm chiming in when you see "/B" at the end.  While Twitter still seems a bit superficial, we look forward to continuing to find creative uses for it.  If nothing else, you might get a better insight into the more mundane aspects of our lives.

Steve and I are also looking forward to working with Mike and Mike on what we're calling "The Paul's Club Guidelines."  They will mark the first set of barest of barebones guidelines we've ever had for the blog.  While we've made this a decidedly informal entity with respect to contributor duties and instructions (blogging should never feel like a chore), we think it's best for the long term health of the blog to pull a handful of minimum expectations down out of the leaves.  The name derives from a New Year's Eve conversation under the boughs of the tree at Paul's Club.

Anyway, we look forward to retaining the best of what we've developed as a blogging formula while improving where we think it's prudent.  If you have an idea or some constructive criticism, feel free to contact us.   The same goes if you have a potential guest post, interview idea, review, news tip, or photos.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!