FISA Review Court to Approve Warrantless Wiretapping

No warrants = problematic.

On a journalistic note, while I appreciate the NYT's article, it fails to give the reader any idea about the next step in the legal process of challenging the initial ruling beyond the Court of Review.

The Court of Review, the intermediate secret court about to issue a public ruling, reviews decisions of another secret court, the FISA court.  Can the ruling of this intermediate appellate court be appealed to yet another secret level?  At what point - or does it ever - arrive at the U.S. Supreme Court?  Instead of learning the answer swiftly in the piece, I had to do my own homework:

The government may seek review of a denial of an application for a court order under FISA authorizing electronic surveillance, physical search, or production of any tangible thing before the Court of Review. If the denial is upheld by the Court of Review, the government may seek U.S. Supreme Court review of the decision by a petition for certiorari.