Vote Tomorrow: Anyone But "Dollar Bill"

Given Louisiana's post "Jungle Primary" setup, the final round of the election for the Second Congressional race takes place tomorrow, Saturday December 6, 2008.

Indicted Democratic Congressman William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson is up for re-election. Even if he is presumed innocent until guilty, his swirling, unending legal troubles have made him ineffective as a representative. He lost his committee position. He rarely appears in public. And those who still support him seem to be blind to anything but the argument that black people are entitled to have a black person represent them.

If the people of New Orleans re-elect Jefferson, they are effectively telling the rest of the country how shallow and unreasonable they are following a massive influx of federal aid money - and amidst calls for additional federal recovery and hurricane protection funding. I could empathize with a taxpayer in any other part of the country upset by the fact that his tax dollars are being sent to a district that continues to exercise bad judgment by failing to repudiate ineffective leadership.

Republican challenger Joseph Cao seems like a much better bet. Cao, born in Vietnam, holds a number of degrees and promises a sort of Jindal-like Republicanism - I'd liken it to "It's about the basic competence and ethics, stupid." His campaign certainly hasn't been slacking in Uptown since November 4. Or, at the very least, if you vote here, I would advise voting for Gregory Kahn, the Libertarian candidate, although that entails a much lower chance of actually defeating Jefferson - which should be the overriding goal tomorrow.