The President-Elect, Hillary, & The Media

While I've seen hints that various media outlets might begin to better scrutinize Barack Obama post-election, the real question seems to be whether the President-elect will deign to accept their questions. Those impious, nagging, unfair questions:

After Obama unveiled his national-security team today, a reporter asked how he could pick Hillary Clinton for secretary of state after everything he said about her during the Democratic primary. After all, it feels like just yesterday that he reduced her foreign-policy experience to sipping tea in ambassadors' mansions. Now she is suddenly qualified to be the country's top diplomat?

Obama swatted the question away. "I know this is fun for the press to stir up whatever quotes were generated during the course of the campaign," he said, as if the quotes themselves emanated from a mysterious but powerful quote generator whose workings are unrelated to anything he actually said. Obama went on to say reporters should look at statements made "outside of the heat of a campaign," that he and Hillary share a worldview, and that she'll make an "outstanding" secretary of state.

This seems to be a unfortunate trend with Obama. There was the moment in the campaign when the media, amidst the primary, suddenly "turned on Obama" and began asking tough questions. This led Obama to take holier-than-thou umbrage, rather strangely, at otherwise legitimate, expected questions.

Somehow, this tidbit from the transcript doesn't exactly reasssure me about Obama's candor with the media:

Q I'm wondering whether you could talk about the evolution of your views of her credentials since the spring.

PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA: Look, I'm in -- I think this is fun for the press, to try to stir up whatever quotes were generated during the course of the campaign.

Q Your quotes, sir.

PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA: No, I understand. And I'm -- and you're having fun. (Laughs.)

Q I'm asking a question.

And then, there's the failure of the media present to ask the elephant question that should have been filling the room. Is the Hillary nomination not facially barred by an explicit provision of the United States Constitution?

Even if Obama has a "fix" for the clause, he should have mentioned it. Or, if he did not, the press should have pressed him on what it would consist of for the benefit of the public.