Not a bad plan

Over at Pajamas Media, they're talking about how to get a bigger slice of the youth vote for the GOP:
We need to emphasize the elements of conservatism that empower the individual, expand liberty, and defend freedom. We need to break down issues like earmarks into simple terms, and explain that it’s not about changing the rules in the Senate. It’s about fixing our government and building a future without debt, a future with strong American consumers making individual decisions. We need to talk about the elements of conservatism that create a strong culture, instead of talking about the “inside baseball” issues surrounding the Supreme Court. We need an ambassador to the idealists just as John McCain or Mitt Romney were ambassadors to the pragmatists who focused on policy solutions but not public relations solutions. To win the youth, conservatism needs to become “sexy” again, and we have to start talking about issues in a way that shows that they matter to my generation.

Those aren't bad ideas. It implies a pretty radical break from the last 8 years of Republicans spending like the proverbial drunken sailor, and that's a strong enough implicit criticism of the Republican leadership that I doubt many will make the call. And with so many GOPers jumping on the bailout bandwagon, it's hard to talk about "American consumers making individual decisions" or expanding liberty.