The Inadequacy of Jacob Weisberg

Discussing whether Illinois or Louisiana is more corrupt in a Newsweek article, Slate's Jacob Weisberg utterly fails to mention Governor Bobby Jindal's ethics reforms upon taking office in Louisiana.

Whether a person considers them superficial or not, the legislative ethics efforts put forward by Jindal and passed by the Louisiana legislature earlier this year mark a noteworthy break from the state's past traditions of open and colorful corruption.

Failure to mention this significant development in the Louisiana scene - and give some minor nod to Jindal - even as Weisberg gives us the latest on the Illinois corruption scandal surrounding that state's governor?

It's a glaring omission.  He merely alludes vaguely to a post-Katrina shift.  I can only explain it as a partisan or ideological decision based on an aversion to conservatives or to Jindal himself.  And it provides me with yet another instance of Weisberg's insightful-to-a-point, cherry-picking, ultimately inadequate political analysis skills (See his dance-on-the-grave epitaph for libertarianism as Exhibit A).