Hot Pursuit in Puntland

The UN authorizes pursuing pirates onto land - in what is/once was Somalia.

Here's the text of the resolution calling for Member states to join in the fight against piracy.

And here's one interesting legal provision from it:

"3.   Invites all States and regional organizations fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia to conclude special agreements or arrangements with countries willing to take custody of pirates in order to embark law enforcement officials ("shipriders") from the latter countries, in particular countries in the region, to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of persons detained as a result of operations conducted under this resolution for acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia, provided that the advance consent of the TFG is obtained for the exercise of third state jurisdiction by shipriders in Somali territorial waters and that such agreements or arrangements do not prejudice the effective implementation of the SUA Convention;

I think it's unfortunate and ironic that the resolution requires advance consent of the transitional Somali government to prosecute pirates - the entire reason for this resolution, as the document itself notes, is to permit outside powers to swarm the region to stop piracy BECAUSE the Somali TFG is incapable of stopping the pirates operating in its own country and territorial waters.