Good Riddance to Union South

While it's unfortunate that various parties will have to pony up funding for a replacement, it's great to think of a wrecking ball hitting old Union South. What a godawful architectural monstrosity. It felt invariably cold when one walked into the squat, hulking, brutalist spaceship of a building.

I remember registering for freshman classes during SOAR in the Copper Hearth Lounge back in the summer of 2002 when the online registration system was still relatively new-fangled. We got our photo IDs in the basement and had lunch in the Varsity Room on the second floor.

Later, the building hosted a number of vicious and memorable ASM meetings in various rooms, including one in the cavernous, late-Planet-of-the-Apes-period Dag Hammerskjold Hall (great name, though) where I swore in the new members of Student Council as a Student Justice.

I also remember donating blood in the building, not exactly a peachy prospect either. But the building had positive red connotations - like a game day brat fry that usually popped up on the big terrace along Randall.

Somehow, I managed to never a) go bowling downstairs, and b) see a show in Club 770 - despite occasional efforts, so perhaps my memories of the edifice are slanted.

But anyway, farewell to you, old Union South. May your replacement be better than you.

*Here's some more classic reminiscing about the building.