Champion Stone Pickers Union

My great grandpa John loved to see people working, being productive.

Born in 1902, he lived until age 95, giving me a chance to get to know him.

He ran a general store in the small country hamlet of Champion and served as Treasurer for the Town of Green Bay.  My favorite talks with Grandpa John were about his childhood on the shores of Green Bay when sailing schooners were still the main way of transporting most goods.

Since a number of readers enjoyed an earlier post about my grandpa's gimmicks, I thought I would share one of Great Grandpa John's insights on life.

The image above contains one of his humorous observations - in his own hand - from late in life.  As he wrote, the rest of the family was out picking stones in the fields behind his house, trying to remove rocks that might ruin the farm equipment as spring arrived.  It's arduous, but it can be fun - and the little poem captures that perfectly.