NATO supplies being shipped from Pakistan to Afghanistan are being attacked:
Hundreds of lorries and containers have been destroyed in a number of attacks around the city in recent weeks.

In the latest attack on Wednesday, a woman was killed and her two children wounded when three missiles were fired at a Nato supply convoy.

"Militants fired three missiles on Afghanistan-bound trucks carrying supplies for Nato forces. Two landed in open space and one hit a house, killing a woman and injuring two children," Bakhtiar Mohmand, a local government official, said.

There is little government response that I've seen, although security guards seem to have put up some fight:
"We were unable to challenge such a large number of armed men," said Muhammad Rafiq, a security guard of the Sunday attack. He estimated that 200 militants had been involved in the attack.

Pakistani security forces apparently fired at the attackers. "There was artillery and rapid exchange of fire," said a retired police official, Hidyatullah Arbab, who heard the firing from his home. "Peshawar is becoming a battleground."

Although neither of the articles give much of a reason for the attacks, the Jamaat website seems to tie the attacks to US drone attacks of the Pakistani tribal areas, as well as an anger that the Pakistani government is cooperating with the US:
He said tribal people are forced to consider US and Pakistani forces the same since both of them have been bombing and killing them simultaneously. He said on one hand US is killing innocent tribal people from the western side while on the other the Pakistani army is killing the same innocent people like enemies from the eastern side in the name of do more.