Tank Update

After contacting Student Affairs, Office of Student Conduct, I received a voicemail last week (and my attempts at return phone calls thereafter have gone to message).

In my initial messages, I had requested a status update on the appeal of the ruling of the Joint Hearing Board in the matter of Chao Tang.

In response, the voicemail informed me that as a non-party to the case, I was not privy to any information about the matter.  I wanted to respond...well, you do understand that the only non-administration party to this case is currently sitting in Oakdale, seemingly incommunicado.

While I understand the context of a student conduct matter in a private institution, I was left with this realization: I cannot seem to obtain information that even establishes whether Chao Tang's appeal was accepted or rejected.  Or, if accepted, whether the ruling of the lower body for expulsion was upheld or overturned.  Not even a two-word statement as to the disposition - a simple "appeal denied" or "expulsion upheld."

Thus, a fellow student has been expelled for a security threat, he then questioned the administration's procedures on a number of grounds, and we are unable to know, in this academic setting, whether the administration of the university even considered, much less acted on, his appeal.  

Even taking his threats seriously, that former student is still sitting in a federal detention facility in Oakdale, Louisiana awaiting deportation (a source close to the case informed me yesterday that according to an official at the facility, Mr. Tang remains detained - which may indicate the appeal has not been ruled upon, which would officially end Tang's student visa status, thereby permitting deportation[take it as double hearsay if you like]).  You will recall that Mr. Tang was apprehended by authorities over a month ago, back on October 8.

It all reeks a bit too much of the Star Chamber for me.

This may be my final post on the Chao Tang saga.  I don't know how to proceed much further.  If something big breaks in the story, I will share it.  But otherwise, I fear I'm bordering on the melodramatic if I persist in pursuing information about a case that seems to be all but closed.