On the New LSU-VA Hospital

After yesterday's press conference setting the matter in stone, 70 acres of Lower Mid-City will be razed to make way for the new joint hospital complex.  The City Council has already allocated $79 million to pave the way for what is expected to be a $2 billion investment in the heart of the city.

I had been debating the various hospital sites and projects off-line with a number of friends, but I never ultimately posted any of my draft posts.  I would've liked to see a refurbishment of Charity Hospital in the mix.  And I don't believe the state did enough to mitigate the harm that will come from having to displace many families and businesses in the neighborhood.  I also thought the Lindy Boggs site would have made sense.

But now the decision has been made.  As the project moves forward toward anticipated completion in 2013, I've decided to shift gears.

My goal: Save the Dixie Brewery.

The building is architecturally significant, it's historic and unique, and it's feasible to carve it out of the proposed demolition because it is located in a portion of the proposed hospital complex footprint farthest from the River, near a corner of the planned development.

One idea:  move the Deutsches Haus and German Cultural Heritage center into the lower levels of the Brewery building itself (perhaps put high end condos into the upper tower of the brewery, a restaurant or bar at the top).  While the old brewery is in tough shape in some parts, it's worth saving.