A New Blog On the Horizon: University and State

Crewed by a band of Badgers and recent alums, the new blog strikes me as a veritable "Obama's cabinet" of campus elite (and while the latter term derives from some pseudo self-anointing, it's nonetheless relatively apt).

Contributing luminaries include, among others: LIB alum David L, bloggers Danny S of Critical Badger, Eli L of Kathmanduma, Alec L of Eagle and The Bear, and the lovely Suchita S, lately of Manhattan.

What is the seven-person, CSNY-style supergroup blog all about?  

"a space for a few of us to ramble, discuss and debate our experiences during and after our undergraduate careers at UW-Madison"

While that's broad enough to encompass a great deal of latitude, I hope it's also enough of a focus to generate content in the long run.  But with a bevy of good writers leading interesting, ascending lives, it shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Also, if this is University and State, are we talking of two things that run parallel, but never intersect?  What are they - reality and life in Madison?  School and the world beyond? Although...if one counts Gorham, they do intersect.  Perhaps this blog represents seven friends catching up at Jamba Juice.  Or Badger Liquor.

Finally, a few words about the blog's header: well done.  Crisp.  Clean.  The white pediment of Bascom floating cloud-like in the pristine blue.  Evokes this sound.  Inviting.