Mad town streets

The barrista just gave me half off my coffee in celebration of Obama winning. Here's what it looked like in Madison:

And more:

A few people are still going up and down State St in groups, and cheers still erupt out of any open bar door. "I can't believe how loud it's getting out there," says the barrista in Michaelangelo's, but I'm not seeing as many people past the window as before. More forthcoming if anything happens, otherwise, good night.

Update: As I left the cafe, another group came down State St from the capitol. Now the entire 300 block is full of people, and more coming. As they say, "developing."


More as comp. battery allows.

Final: A crowd of thousands marched from the capitol to Bascom Hill, chants of "USA! USA!" and "Yes we can! Yes we can!" getting more or less equal time. The National Anthem was sung at both ends by a jubilant, and very peaceful, crowd, which pretty well broke up after 5 or 10 minutes on the hill. The police presence was slight -- I saw perhaps 6 or 8 officers, a few in squad cars, a few on foot. More pictures later.