The Land of Milk and Honey Weiss

The NYT focuses in on drinking in Wisconsin, "an island of excessive consumption."

When it comes to drinking, it seems, no state keeps pace with Wisconsin. This state, long famous for its breweries, has led the nation in binge drinking in every year since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began its surveys on the problem more than a decade ago.

The author seems particularly dumbfounded by the idea of permitting minors to drink alcohol in an establishment if accompanied by a consenting parent or legal guardian.  

I, for one, have absolutely no problem with that concept.

Interestingly, the author fails to mention an additional feather in Wisconsin's green felt beer hall hat - its rank as the leading state in consumption of brandy.

UPDATE:  A friend from Louisiana seemed surprised by Wisconsin's approach.  

But that got me thinking.  In some respects, New Orleans is FAR more drinking friendly than Wisconsin on the whole...no bar time, plastic "to go cups" for drinking on the sidewalk, seemingly no end time for buying beer at night, drive-thru daquiri stands, and some notorious "high school bars."