The Incredible Disappearing Andrew Sullivan Post

Update 2:  Sullivan did make a minor note of the hoax and his posting in a subsequent post on the evening of Nov. 10th.

UPDATE:  There is no Marty Eisenstadt - it's a hoax. (ht/KB)  That explains Sullivan pulling the post.  Still, this episode provides interesting insight into Sullivan as a blogger.  In keeping with his unbloggerly failure to have comments, he's pulled a post without noting it to save his own hide.  Providing a correction on his blog on the post would do readers a greater service (and would have prevented additional bloggers like me from getting drawn into the hoax).


I happened to note a story on my iGoogle homepage from Andrew Sullivan's blog about the identity of the McCain staffer who leaked the tales of Sarah Palin's unpreparedness. But then, when I tried to click through, I got nothing. So...I went to the blog itself...

But when I got there...there was no post to that effect...instead, another post had come along...

Here's the link to the ostensible Marty Eisenstadt blog post Sullivan had linked to in the disappeared post.

Sullivan's post contained nothing very inflammatory. But it was interesting to discover. My theory: he's finally decided to rein in his hardcore anti-Palin focus. Or he has some strange desire to protect this Eisenstadt character - seemingly a fellow Palin critic.