"Here I could write an epic poem detailing the multiple felicities of the Peanuts specials..."

...the van Gogh-esque night sky that dwarfs Linus and Sally as they wait in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin, Linus' stirring reading from the Gospel of Luke at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas, the impossibly hip "Little Birdie" song that plays in the background as Snoopy and Woodstock prep for their Thanksgiving feast. But I'll let you rediscover the specials' quiet joys for yourself, and I'll stick to describing the added value this collection provides: the fascinating but far too short making-of documentaries that are appended to each disc.

These have always been my favorite holiday specials; in fact, I used the Peanuts Halloween special to teach my kids in Azerbaijan about that holiday. I think this Slate piece sums it up nicely.