GOP '12, Jindal, and the Numbers

Is it just me, or do the numbers show Bobby Jindal well poised for a run in 2012?

While Jindal currently has slightly more detractors among Republicans than supporters, he alone, of possible viable contenders involved in the survey, has 30% to grow into over the course of the next four years.  And the poll doesn't show his similar unfamiliarity among independents - where, I think, he has the potential to make up massive ground over Palin.

Crist and Graham have prohibitive negatives.  Jeb Bush: felled by his brother.  I think it's safe to say Giuliani is out of the running.  Gingrich likely is, too, although some monumental event showing the value of intellect might pull him back into orbit.

Such an event would also be necessary, I think, to knock Sarah Palin off her high perch.  But she will likely have the most intense media spotlight trailing her for the next four years, probing for faults.  Like this.

As for Huckabee and Romney, they're up there.  But much of the right and center of the electorate knows everything about them already.  I think the roughly 30% opposed to each man is likely pretty hardcore opposition.  That brings up another factor about Jindal: I'd wager his opposition numbers are primarily by vague default from the fact that most respondents had more high-profile favorites higher on the list.

That leaves Petraeus.  Too much could happen in too short a time period in Afghanistan for me to say how he factors into the picture in the next few years.

While the poll is one poll taken years before the race in question, it is at least provides some data to frame the chatter moving forward.