An Evening at Mosca's

Last evening, I had the pleasure of a meal with friends at one of my favorite restaurants in the New Orleans area - Mosca's.

Going to Mosca's is an experience.  Driving across the Mississippi on the old Huey P, one eventually comes across a small, unpretentious white building alone in the woodlands in rural Avondale .  Inside, the warmth of the people and the food in the simple surroundings hit you immediately.

As Fodor's review put it, the various platters laid before you tend to "approach the summit of Italian-Creole cuisine."  While the chicken a la grande is delectable, the true prize on any table is 'Oysters Mosca' - a rich, incomparable dish that approximates a savory oyster pie.  The restaurant holds a highly coveted James Beard Award for being an American classic.

My friend Lisa is the daughter of the proprietors, and it's always nice to visit a bit with her parents, who continue to run the establishment with the simple recipe for success crafted by Lisa's grandparents, who began the venture back in 1946.  There's plenty of Frank Sinatra in the jukebox and a few picture of race horses on the wall.  While the prices are commensurate with the quality of the food and the atmosphere, I would highly recommend you take a trip across the bridge one evening.  It's a wonderful little place.

Here's more on the restaurant, the family, and the recovery after Katrina.