Enveloped in Smoke and Mirrors - Palin, Eisenstadt, Africa, and the Media

The Martin Eisenstadt Hoax.  I've continued to learn more about the unfolding situation following my preceding post on the topic.

It seems the unveiling of the hoax only calls into question one source of the Palin/Africa gaffe tidbit.

The original Fox News report I cited?  Well, winnowing toward the truth, one observer notes this distinction:

The hoax was limited to the identity of the source in the [LA Times/MSNBC] story about Palin—not the Fox News story itself. While Palin has denied that she mistook Africa for a country, the veracity of that report was not put in question by the revelation that Eisenstadt is a phony.

So it seems the Fox News story apparently had a basis in some other anonymous source besides Eisenstadt.  That's right - Fox News is standing by an anonymous source other than the fake blogger Martin Eisenstadt to assert that Sarah Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent earlier this fall.  Just an FYI as the whole thing is untangled.