Coyote Sighting - In New Orleans

Last night, I saw a coyote here in New Orleans.

Driving near the Convention Center after dark, I spotted a creature wandering around in the giant vacant waste lot that is bordered by the Convention Center, Tchoupitoulas Street, the old power plant, and the railroad tracks/wharves along the Mississippi. 

At first I thought it was a stray dog. But on closer inspection, it was definitely a coyote when it stepped into the glow of a streetlight. And it was the mangiest looking coyote I've ever seen - its fur was caked, clumpy, and grayish. But the eyes, the shape of the muzzle, the ears, and the general build was definitely a coyote, not just a mutt.  A friend in the car confirmed it.

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I have absolutely no idea how a coyote was possibly roaming around in the heart of an urban stretch of the East Bank. There are no wooded or natural areas anywhere around the site. The river is very wide at that point, so it seems unlikely that it swam across the Mississippi. Which means it would have had to get through the entire city of New Olreans somehow. There are some abandoned buildings in the general vicinity of the Warehouse District, the port, and the Lower Garden District where it might hang out, but even those are diminishing.

Very strange.