Back on the Island...

The transient castaways were less liberal:

One interesting result of the voting in Madison was the lower totals for Obama in student-heavy wards surrounding the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Adjacent wards in the city, both on the near west side and downtown, turned out more strongly for Obama. This suggests the university is no longer as liberal as it has been in the past. Perhaps this is a reflection of changing student demographics.

Really?  Compared to numbers from the Sharpless races?  I'd like to see some numbers to back that up.  The student vote at UW has always seemed overwhelmingly liberal.  I'd wager it's just that the slight divergence at the precinct level showed up this time in the linked graphical representation.

Student precincts coming in at 70-80% Obama support versus 90+% in some other nearby Isthmus precincts is not really much of a difference.  They're all pretty hardcore Democratic.