Truthfully, spend your moments elsewhere

When I saw the commercial for Fox's new game show, The Moment of Truth, I thought it would be pretty interesting to watch, even though I'm not a game show person. What's more entertaining than watching people voluntarily squirm from being asked embarrassing questions on tv for money?

Finally it was on last night and it left me disappointed. They only went through softball questions like "Is your hair real?", "Have you looked at other guys in the locker room shower?", and "Have you been through a co-worker's possessions without his knowledge?" Embarrassing, but not particularly life damaging for some random person.

I was hoping for questions about illegal activities or more touchy stuff along the lines of "Do you hate __ people?" I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that that stuff comes further along in the questioning than where they got.

The biggest blunder of all is the speed of the show. It literally takes an hour to watch the 'moment of truth'. In the first show, an hour long, they asked about 20 questions from two people. It's blatantly obvious how drawn out the show is. It's painful to watch them take at least 2 minutes to ask and answer a yes or no question. The pace combined with the huge amount of over-dramatization of the show is to the point that its condescending to the viewer. They need to work on that.

The same host used to host another game show a few years back, Russian Roulette, the draw being that contestants would stand on trap doors that open when they lose. As far as bang for the time spent watching, that show was better.