Guest Blog: South Carolina Democratic Primary Field Report

[More pics coming soon when blogger lets them upload]

Joe Luebke from Clemson, SC here once again to talk to you about what is going down in South Carolina. Let’s recap on my predictions from last week; I predicted McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, Paul, Romney and the real results were McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, Romney, Paul. Also Fred Thompson dropped out of the race as I predicted and unfortunately the Packers lost. So this week the Democrats go to the polls. There are only three candidates that are worth talking about here, sorry Kucinich and Gravel.

Hilary Clinton: She is the one democratic candidate that did not make a trip to the Clemson area. In fact I have not found many supporters of Hillary Clinton around the area. However I have heard she has a lot of support in areas like Charleston and Myrtle Beach. I really don’t know much about here candidacy in South Carolina.

John Edwards: I went and saw him here at Clemson. Just like in 2004, he is trying to play the South Carolina’s favorite son role. He was born just up the road from Clemson in the rural town of Seneca. He went on to attend Clemson for a year before going to North Carolina State. He has also had the most commercials running on TV in South Carolina.

Barack Obama: He has had the most rallies and attention in this part of South Carolina. He has had a lot of celebrates, Chris Tucker, Tatyana Ali (Ashley from the Fresh Prince of Bell Air), and Kal Penn (Kumar from 'Harold and Kumar') to name a few, come to campus to rally support. I had a chance to see Obama twice, once on campus yesterday and back in November in Spartanburg, SC. The November speech was interesting because of the way of he fed off the energy of the mainly African American crowd.

Yesterday on campus, the event was in the outdoor amphitheatre where security was very tight. All the surrounding buildings were closed and there were sharpshooters on every roof. It was by far the largest crowd out of all the events I went to and he didn’t even have Chuck Norris. As always he spoke his message of urgency and change in Washington.

As for my predictions about today’s primary they are as follows: if there is a high voter turnout especially among African American community, Obama wins in a landslide. It gets interesting between the favorite son John Edwards and Hillary for second place. So I say this: Obama, Edwards, Hillary.