George and the Dragon

I commend to you two items about the overarching forces and factors that are changing your life - or will impact it soon - whether you like it or not.

Print them out. Take them to a coffeeshop or your favorite snug seat. Grab a beverage and get familiar with:

1. An epic must-read piece for any American concerned about America's place in the world in coming years, especially with regards to the emerging Orwellian "Big Three" poles of China, E.U., and the U.S.

2. A sweeping look at the staggering - and potentially precarious - economic and financial relationship between China and the United States. James Fallows of The Atlantic hints at for whom the bell tolls:
"With a lack of tragic imagination, Americans have drifted into an arrangement that is comfortable while it lasts, and could last for a while more. But not much longer. What’s left is to prepare for what we find at the end of the path we have taken."