Neighborly Gestures

Yesterday, as I was about to leave to meet a study group at my favorite local coffeeshop, I found this helpful little note under my windshield wiper :

My rather reclusive neighbor down and across the street, whom I have yet to meet officially, even rapped on the window behind me as I picked up the note. He waved as if seeking to confirm that I understand. Slightly creepy, I thought, but altruistic nonetheless. I flashed a thumbs up.

Then, getting in my car, I put the note on the seat next to me. What did I see on the reverse side? This:

Questions that still perplex me:

1. What are a medicine ball and "badmitten set" doing on this list? And why is medicine ball crossed off?

2. Why does Todd only have to take care of ice cream and pie?

If you have any hypotheses, feel free to share. Or if you're Irina or Todd, please enlighten us.