Lapidus Stirs the Pot

David Lapidus, an alumnus of this blog, is "strongly considering" a run for Dane County Board of Supervisors.

Unsurprisingly, detractors will try to paint the maverick as some sort of Jean-Marie Le Pen. They will be wrong, however.

I, for one, have never been able to describe fully what I know of David's political outlook. It orbits the term libertarianism. I do know what his political outlook is not. It's certainly neither doctrinaire Republican nor Democratic. And, as I'm sure David would correctly insist (with ample backing evidence of the meanings of the terms), his political philosophy is neither definitively "conservative" nor "liberal".

I do know this about Lapidus: he's refreshingly well-read, thoughtful in debate, considerate of all viewpoints brought to the table, open to honest deliberation, and determined in his undertakings. While he's personable, he also seeks to cut through the emotional pleas and tired phrases often bandied about in politics to address issues with logical clarity. I found him to be a rare intelligence for his age. He's a glutton for knowledge.

Any political contest he enters will surely be more enlightened and engaging than it would have been otherwise.