Don't you have anything else to say?

Just a real quick hit here: I am really getting annoyed with Mitt Romney's seemingly constant efforts to link himself to the legacy of Ronald Reagan. His latest incarnation is this nugget: Mike Huckabee is no Ronald Reagan.

Well no kidding. Neither are you, Mr. Romney. Reagan was Reagan. He was the right person at the right time and he led this nation and the conservative movement with courage and dignity, but you know what? This nation faces a lot of different challenges than we did 20 years ago and we just might need someone for this time and not the Cold War.

Besides, if Romney really, really wants to get into that type of a debate, I doubt that Reagan would have signed a universal health care bill into law, or claimed to be a better advocate for abortion than Ted Kennedy, or a lot of other things he did as a candidate for all the various offices he has run for over the years.

Can we please cut the phony "I'm the real Ronald Reagan" stuff and get down to actual substance already?