The Canyon Loses Its Sprig of Green


UW would do well to start growing disease-resistent strains for replacing the remaining icons on Bascom. I recall the pair of elms visible from the Chadbourne cafeteria that resembled two giant, ancient ents holding hands.

Certain trees and types of trees are inextricable components of a sense of place. Here in New Orleans, live oaks snake shady boughs out over the avenues and parklands, draping Spanish moss over any "quintessential" Southern scene. They exude "New Orleansness."

The big elm on the corner of the bend in Madison anchored the area visually, towering over the small crescent of frisbee and sunbathing grass. When I lived nearby on University, it always seemed like one last lonely sentinel against an encroaching sense of "urban anywhere"...almost an arboreal version of The Silver Dollar, really.

So it goes.