Unsolicited Newspaper Advice

As a quasi-media person it's interesting to observe how the two daily student newspapers change slightly from year to year.

Last I heard, the Badger Herald is still biggest student paper in the country. It still prints in a bigger size than Daily Cardinal. I've spoken to a few people in my classes about campus papers and they seem to prefer the Herald's bigger size. I don't really care since I pick up both. However, I do notice a lack of size when the Cardinal tends to fit about one and a half opinion pieces in a regular issue and the Herald runs at least two or three opinions.

Both papers have their own reputations for politics. Obviously, liberal voices are much stronger on campus. I don't mind, though. Where else could the socialist column be found between the columns of the campus democrats and republicans, let alone be printed at all?

Amongst the AP stories I read elsewhere, all of the generic filler pictures, and other stretching measures used to fill the big pages, the Herald seems bloated and unwieldy. Not to mention, I hate the 'newsprint on my hands' feeling and it looks and feels newsprinty gray.

Altogether, the Cardinal puts together a better physical package. It is a good size for fitting in classrooms and it's got a consistently sharp, classy layout.

Something that's been lacking this year in both papers is good comics. Considering original stuff, White Bread and Toast and the Herald Raccoon are usually good for some one-liners. Other than that, I'm not really dedicated to either bland multi-week plots or someone's daily non-adventures.

In the online world, I always browse through the Herald for comments on stories and the shout outs. The Herald is much more of a campus discussion that the other paper. I pretty much never look at the Cardinal online, they haven't given me a reason to.

On the bright side, word on the sidewalk is that non-anonymous comments will be coming to the online Cardinal.