Madison Blogger Roundup - Report

Given the extremely short notice, as Erik notes, it was a successful event. A dozen people showed up for a fun, informal meeting of the minds at The Terrace.

Who was there? Well, let's see...all three of us from LIB, Fay, Gallentine, Hippie Perspective, Opiate, Pixelated Imagination, Dorshorst, Hastings from POST, Shane from Dane101, and the lovely Laura.

Discussion in the sunburst chairs, fueled by some oatmeal stout and Spotted Cow, ranged all over the place - Mifflin (what's with the 3-house noise rule limiting bands? you should know it will be loud if you live on the street), hosting issues, insideoutmadison, Christian Schneider, presidential debates, Tommy's remark and retraction, sexuality, Ron Paul, sitemeter access, blogger versus wordpress versus own domain, filesharing, the nature of POST, Sunnis vs. Shiites, Pinkus McBride fire, Ann "head of the order" Althouse, Jenna, Kristian Knutsen of The Daily Page, the history of the local blogosphere, baked beans, and the War in Iraq.

As it grew colder, we moved inside to Der Rathskellar and continued for a few hours. There was discussion of cameras and campus newspapers, bloggers as music agents in town, jokes about the homeland security alert levels, and talk of the next blogger roundup (at that point it had become a "rectangle up" under the main arch on the stage in the Rat). And much more.

Everyone was up on the news and politics, which made for a rich, entertaining, congenial conversation at a higher level than the average coffee klatch.

Might have to bump things up and have another one before Steve S leaves for Azerbaijan in late June...good times. As Erik suggests, it's time to start lobbying Wispolitics to hold its summit in Madison next time around.

UPDATE: Fay talks about "The Running of the Cows," an idea I'd been throwing around in casual conversation for some time that got tossed around last night. Picture it - Holsteins going Pamplona-style down State.

UPDATE II: Scuba notes the excess of College Republican talk - it was mostly disparaging, actually. And he apparently challenges Althouse to the baked beans challenge. Insulting up? "Challenging up?"