Having graduated, I'm officially an old fogey, and can't really join the the debauchery of the Mifflin Street Block Party. I was going to sit in my room and sulk, but now I've found a much better idea:
The closing of the co-op was the last nail in the coffin of the radical past of a street once better known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The trouble is, no fratty-made coffin can contain the rotting corpses of Mifflin past. Zombies will rise! And it's happening this Saturday at the Mifflin St. Block party.

The infection begins 11am outside the old Mifflin Co-op on the corner of Mifflin and Basset. Note the zombie mural: our ancestors prophesized this day.

So, get zombied-up and join the flesh carnival[!]
(exclamation point added)