All Ears

Been to Disney World? Experience it anew through the loquacious mind of James Lileks:

The Teacups: Daddy worked that wheel, hard. Daddy had to sit down for a few seconds afterwards, because we were pulling some serious Gs, and I nearly blew a spume of masticated hot dog. Which would have been a pity, because that was a really, really good hot dog.

Lileks recently lost his column slot at the Star Tribune, so the family trip to the kitschy cultural touchstone comes off as a catharsis of sorts (here he reflects while in the Haunted Mansion):

But dammit: I wasn’t going to avoid frickin’ Disneyfargin’world because of that. I was cured. Testify, brother! Yes, I was cured. And then the bottom dropped out of the world in the dark.

And I was fine.

As always, it's sharp, entertaining, dead-on. Regarding Epcot:

"...the bones stick out, and remind us that nothing ages faster than yesterday's tomorrow. In the future, plants will be grown in circular pods made of tinted aggregate! In the future, everything will resemble a 1972 college campus!"

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