Surrender Monkeys!

In a press release justifying his vote for the insanely bloated Iraq war funding bill, the Doctor/Congressman/Nutjob had this to say:
“It’s time to spend more of our tax money here at home,” Kagen concluded.
It really is so nice to know that Dr. Kagen is getting bored with spending money overseas. I realize that it must be tough for someone who can't wait to spend billions of dollars of other people's money.

In her own press release, Madison's own Tammy Baldwin could barely contain her excitement at voting to surrender in the face of a bitter enemy.
"On March 23rd, I cast a vote for the Iraq Supplemental Bill because, for the first time, it contained binding language to bring the war in Iraq to an end."
It is also reassuring to know that she still thinks that Congress runs wars:
The President has said he will veto this measure. In doing so, he will thwart the will of the American people and the majority of the United States Congress.
I know I should expect it by now, but when will the Democrats in Congress stop being such a bunch of surrender monkeys?