Now I know why

The Guardian Angels have always creeped the daylights out of me - mostly in a vague way, the the weird paramilitary vigilantee-ism they evince is my biggest problem. But I couldn't put an exact finger on it. The libertarian in me said that this was just people being involved in their community, while the political scientist in me noted that vigilante groups undermine faith in the police system and can lead to real deterioration in civil society. So I was a bit conflicted, and quite creeped out in the meanwhile.

Now I know I have a good reason to be creeped out:
But a check of the Wisconsin Court System online database Sunday afternoon showed Jeff Callen, 39, the leader of the Madison chapter, was convicted of a felony charge of issuing worthless checks in 2000.

And according to a 1995 State Journal story, another graduate, Ronny Reynolds, 34, splashed acid in the face of Jesse Doughty on July 11, 1995, at a Portage area gas station because he blamed Doughty for the death of an uncle. Doughty was permanently blinded in his right eye. Online court records show Reynolds, who said he had "visions" leading up to the attack, was found guilty of felony mayhem but not responsible due to mental disease or defect, which is not considered a conviction.