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Just passing this along:
Madison Interactive - A group for people who work on public websites – both for work and for play – in the Madison area – is hosting its second free event. Whether you're uploading articles to a local media website or just tending a personal blog, we want you to join us and share your experiences. And to make it all even more interesting, we'll also be having a brief panel discussion with some local online music promoters.

Please pass this note on to everyone you think might be interested and leave a comment at http://madinteractive.wordpress.com if you're coming.

Panel Discussion Details:
MadInteractive Panel No. 2 - Music Promotion on the Internet

The High Noon Saloon

Event Time/Date:
5 – 7pm on April 30, 2007

Panel Time:
5:30 to 6pm

(Panelists, please show up at 5:20 at the very latest.)

Topic: Music Promotion on the Internet
The discussion will center around the importance of the Internet for music promotion and touch on the different outlets available for that promotion (websites, MySpace, SonicBids, etc.)

Jessica Thompson of contessasays.com


Roy Elkin from Broadjam
Matt Jacoby, founder and president of LocalSounds.org
Allen McGuire, founder of MadtownLounge.com
Nick Venturella (singer/songwriter, and also currently writing a book on the Independent Wisconsin Music Scene)

Brad informs me that "They had enough free appetizers to make supper out of it last time" he went. I completely forgot about the last one, but will try to make it to this ones!