Finally, somebody says it.

Former CentCom second in command, retired Marine Lt. Gen. Michael DeLong has an excellent piece in the New York Times today.

The former general lays out the reasons why the hype over Jessica Lynch was so bad a few years ago. He reminds us that the press and local politicians had more to do with the making of a "hero" than does the military.

After all, we all heard the story of the cute, West Virginia-born Lynch, but how many of us have heard the stories of the two Medal of Honor recipients in the War on Terror? How many of us know of the dozens of men who risked and gave their lives for the sake of their comrades and were awarded the Army, Air Force or Navy Cross - the nation's second highest medal for valor?

It isn't because the military doesn't acknowledge them. It's because the press and our politicians don't think it's important enough.