Crazylegs 2007

I trotted out this morning with a record 15,000+ participants for the Crazylegs Classic 8K. It was my first shot at running the race named for Hirsch the old gridiron star.

Logistically, the event seemed to run quite smoothly despite the crush of the hordes. The weather could not have been better - a perfect sun-kissed morning in spring. The course encompassed a nice taste of varied glacial terrain, running from the Capitol Square down along Langdon, up Observatory, out to Picnic Point, and back down Old University and Breese Terrace to the stadium gates.

Hitting the 50-yard line at Camp Randall, it was great to unwind with friends and take in The Mighty Short Bus with some familiar, fun southern-fried rock covers that went down smoothly with the water, oranges, and even some of that most potent of nectars, Michelob Ultra.

I did have a few minor gripes, though.

1. The 4-mile marker near the Octopus Carwash on Old University needs to be more visible - I never saw it at all.

2. Don't exploit the race to make political points. Turning off the Capitol Square, a group had big "Impeach Bush" signs and a lady near the finish had a sign saying something like Covance is mean to animals. Free speech, sure, but respect a little time, place, and manner common sense. Or at least make the banners humorous, something other than a downer.

A great memory by and large, though. I'd be up for a repeat of the experience, if I'm in town next spring.