Catfish Stephenson Live at The Up North

You may have seen him on State Street near Steep n' Brew. But you should definitely check him out for a full set at The Up North on Thursday evenings after a stop at the Essen Haus nextdoor.

Finally able to catch him with a roommate who's a big fan, I was dumbfounded as the music bit at the marrow - here was a living paleo-blues time capsule. Catfish has an interesting story, a sort of steel guitar Johnny Cash figure with absolutely genuine music. He's best when he dives into the, rocking, rollicking, grit-twang 1920s-sounding blues.

He also plays at Brocach on the Square every Monday night. Take a listen.

And if you dare confuse him with Cat Stevens, you will be pwned, MOAed, and put on this island's no-fly list.