Bromide Obama

In several posts, I've noted Barack Obama's "Wilsonian" rhetoric, its "eloquent" yet "vapid" heights, and its subtly nefarious implications for government's role in our lives.

Ben over at Badger Blues takes an informed, engaging look at Obama, using David Brooks' recent column as a springboard and peppering it with some historical insights.

Althouse, however, illuminates my exact thoughts about why the Bromide has gone down so smoothly:

"It's not the evasiveness that's special. It's the eloquence. The supposed eloquence. I don't consider evasive speech eloquent myself. But clearly, Obama in his windy, inspirational mode has impressed people. At least for now."

Brooks sums up Obama's rhetorical schtick best as one "That's either profound or vacuous, depending on your point of view."