'08 Prez Candidates as Stocks

If Obama is Google and Giuliani is Halliburton...then what about...

Fred Thompson? BRK-A - Expensive, probably a good investment, but hold.

Tom Tancredo? TAP - The Rockies have been tapped.

Dennis Kucinich? YHOO - The name says it all. Downgrade.

Ron Paul? SBUX - Cool company, still traded on Nasdaq, hasn't hit the big time yet. Or maybe TXN.

Al Gore? CESI - Green or bust. Hard to say if it will take off. One to watch.

Sam Brownback? The Timothy Plan - A Judeo-Christian values-based mutual fund.

Mike Huckabee? WMT - Bentonville is sitting at neutral in most analysts eyes.

John Kerry? WTF - Sell short.